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Man-Weeks at a Construction Site

by Michael Seed


Submitted : Spring 2013

In this project, graphs of man-weeks per week for the piping, sheet metal, electrical, and plumbing work loads of building the Temecula Valley Hospital were given. These graphs outlined the projected man-weeks per week, as well as the actual man-weeks per week. The task was to analyze these graphs and determine whether or not the construction job met the goal of the projected man-weeks. To do this, first, a polynomial trend line was found to represent each plot in Microsoft Excel. By taking the definite integral of these polynomials, the total man-weeks for the whole job were found for the projected and actual plots. Then, by dividing the total man-weeks by the number of weeks on the job, the average weekly man-weeks were found. With these results, it was possible to determine which jobs were performed under or over the budgeted man-weeks. Sheet metal and electrical spent more man-weeks than projected, while piping and plumbing spent fewer. The whole job spent 4.7068 average man-weeks over the projected value.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
William Seed, Universal Health Services
Suggested By :
William Seed