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Average Daily Flow of a Sewer Pump Station

by Gregory Thomas


Submitted : Spring 2013

For this project, thousands of flow measurements were taken throughout the course of a year from a sewer pump station in Collier County, Florida. These readings were input into Microsoft Excel, averaged for every hour, and graphed along an x and y axis for time and flow (in gallons-per-minute) respectively. The resulting average hourly flow function was broken into three second-order to third-order splines so that simple polynomials could be used to model the flow for analysis. The three splines each had a correlating equation, and evaluating the integrals of each gives the flow rate in gallon-hours per minute. Once the integrals were evaluated, the values were multiplied by a conversion factor to find the average daily flow volume in gallons.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Mark Thomas, Johnson Engineering
Suggested By :
Mark Thomas
Average Daily Flow of a Sewer Pump Station