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Modeling of Intraperitoneal Volume

by Despina Lucas


Submitted : Spring 2013

Peritoneal dialysis is a treatment that eliminates waste from the body when the kidneys can no longer do so. Through peritoneal dialysis, a fluid dialysate fills the abdomen cavity via catheter and absorbs waste. Once waste has been transferred to the dialysate it is drained from the body and the process repeats until all waste is removed. In this project, experimental data and a model equation for the dialysate volume verses time is given. The model equation consisted of three unknown constants. Using the experimental data, the model equation was manipulated by finding its integral and derivative. This allowed further calculations to show how the dialysate volume changed with time. The model equation allowed for the calculation of the model data which was compared against the experimental data. Both the model and experimental data reached maximum dialysate volume at relatively the same time. The model equation was used to determine the length of treatment time required to return the dialysate volume to its initial value is approximately 20 hours.



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Advisors :
Brian Curtin, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell