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Robotics: Inertia Tensor, 2

by Matthew Barthe


Submitted : Fall 2011

This project focuses on a particular portion of kinematics known as the inertia tensor. This concept, which is often used to determine the location of an object in a coordinate system based upon its dimensions, mass, and velocity, plays a very important role in the field of robotics. Using the equations provided I had to determine the methods needed to solve each problem, as well as how to determine what parts of the equations and/or approach needed to be adjusted depending on the problem.

Within this project I solved six basic inertia tensor problems that were meant to generate six general matrices for finding the inertia tensors of objects given their dimensions and mass. These general matrices give way to use in multiple fields and applications, and are important groundwork for further endeavors into both the field of robotics and other similar fields such as biometrics.



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Advisors :
Fernando Burgos, Mathematics and Statistics
Noureddine Elmehraz, Computer Science & Engineering
Suggested By :
Mayur Palankar