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Groundwater Remediation

by Roxann West


Submitted : Spring 2011

For this project, two different strategies were being considered in the remediation of groundwater for an underground reservoir. In the first strategy the purified water is sent to storage and pure make-up water is obtained to replace it, the second strategy on the other hand, sends the purified water back into the reservoir. An air stripper containing a packed column was utilized to ideally reduce the amount of contaminants present in the underground reservoir from 0.0006 lb/ft3 to 0.00005 lb/ft3 within two years. A mass balance equation around the reservoir was formulated in order to determine the volumetric flow rate of water necessary to be sent to the stripper to meet the project goal for each strategy. For strategy 1, the required flow rate was found to be 1141.55 ft3/hr, while strategy 2 was 1200.91 ft3/hr.

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Advisors :
Brian Curtin, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell