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The Effects of Ammonium Nitrate in the Inoculation of Fern Spore Cultures

by Blessing Chiwuzor


Submitted : Spring 2015

In this experiment, the effects of 1% ammonium nitrate on the germination of fern spores was observed and qualitatively analyzed using statistical analysis. As nitrogen is found in the atmosphere, it serves as a necessary component in initiating the nitrogen cycle as well as the conversion of inorganic compounds to usable resources, as is the case of ammonium.  I hypothesized that the exposure of fern spores to ammonium nitrate will result in the proliferation of fern spore germination, as compared to the control without exposure to ammonium nitrate. Two cultures with six replicates consisted of a control group with regular growth medium and an experimental group with a growth medium containing ammonium nitrate were inoculated with fern spore samples in order to be observed for a period of six weeks under sufficient environmental conditions for adequate growth. A statistical analysis of all the compiled data was performed and it can be concluded that my initial hypothesis was incorrect. The experimental group that was exposed to the ammonium nitrate in the growth medium had its initial growth cycle inhibited by the nitrates in the chemicals, as opposed to the control group that did not have nitrogen-based chemicals in its growth medium.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Erin Kiskaddon, Integrative Biology
Suggested By :
Erin Kiskaddon