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Using calculus to show the Oman crude oil production for the last decade

by Ahmed Al lawati


Submitted : Fall 2014

The importance of calculus for crude oil production is discussed. Clearly, a wide blended sack of occupations regularly uses calculus. Universities, the military, government organizations, carriers, amusement studios, programming organizations, and development organizations are simply several directors who search for individuals with a vigorous data of calculus. Indeed, specialists and legal counselors use calculus to help construct the control essential for tackling complex issues, for example, diagnosing patients or arranging an indictment case. In spite of its persona as a more mind boggling extension of mathematics, calculus touches our lives every day, in ways excessively various to compute.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Haithem Al-Masroori, Petroleum Development Oman
Suggested By :
Haithem Al-Masroori