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Moon Cycles and Menstrual Cycles

by Thomas Bastien


Submitted : Spring 2014

This experiment was based on a study done in an academic article “Lunar Influences on the Reproductive Cycle in Women” on the total amount of menses from a group of women. The study was done over a couple years with four different sets of women. For my project I selected one study group and took the data inserted it into excel graph and excel generated a trend line best fit for the data. From the data set selected and the line best fit I tried to find a pattern of the number of reported menses in correlation to lunar cycle of that time. From that I use calculus to find relative area average values under the curve from the dark moon phases and lighter or fuller moon phases during the lunar cycle in order to find a correlation between the time of the new moon and full moon cycle.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Andrei Chugunov, Southwest Florida College: Medical Sciences
Suggested By :
Andrei Chugunov