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Paper Vs. Digital

by Aaron Boshers


Submitted : Fall 2013

As we move to a more digital day and age, we lose track of what the cost of our data is. Paper is a bulky and reliable but in our ever growing world space is becoming an ever increasingly valuable medium; ink and paper are becoming more expensive to manufacture and sell. Digital allows for exponentially more data to be stored in a fraction of the space. The ease of instant access and the ability to search through large documents thousands of pages for key words using complex algorithms to get the data we need at the blink of an eye. This convenience is also our downfall as we hastily move to all digital offices; we fail to grasp the true cost of our data. The digital medium is not as easily comprehended as it is not in a physical state. Paper, we can see, touch, feel, to grasp what we are dealing with and the cost associated with it; with the digital system we lose that sense of feel when it comes to understanding.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Alan Wiessner, Integra Business Systems Inc.
Suggested By :
Aaron Boshers