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The volume of water in a biosand filter

by Matthew Byram


Submitted : Spring 2013

For my project with bio-sand, I worked with one of my past professors on how the creation of the bio-sand filter was developed. From learning about the filter in my foundations of engineering classroom and later on from my past instructor and advisor Thomas Lynn, we were able to develop a calculus formula to create the bio-sand filter and volume of water that should be place inside in order to make water drinkable. Water fills out the filter however it also includes one layer of standing water at the top but also in the pores between the sand and gravel. So, in order to figure the total volume of water in the filter, we need to take into account the porosity of each layer. Multiplying this to the volume will allow us to figure out how much water is stuck in between pores of sand and gravel plus the standing the water.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Thomas Lynn, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Suggested By :
Thomas Lynn