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Where might Projects take you?

This site is intended to inform students and the community about real-world mathematics application projects. We also call these mathematics - business/science projects (MBSPs). Collaboration of USF students with faculty and administrators gives the MUG-MBSP program continued vitality. Studies show that student participation is steadily increasing, and that projects are an effective approach for the learning experiences of many USF students. Efforts are continuing to be made to better understand "project potential" and to optimally incorporate project options into the curriculum.

Here are several sources relative to application projects in mathematics education. Please let us know if you have other references that might be included.

Our group of professional mathematicians has opened a mathematical umbrella over the Greater Tampa Bay area. We seek to connect the needs of students, businesses, and communities through mathematics education. Tell us your concerns and we may be able to assist you in your quest for prosperity!

Last update May 25, 2018
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