Conferences, Workshops, and Scientific Societies, Prof. G.S. Nolas:

International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Organizing Committee Member, July 23-25, 2018, Osaka, Japan.

Conferences Internationales Materiaux et Technologies (CIMTEC), International Advisory Board Member, 2018, Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy

European Materials Research Society, Conference Chair, 2017, Strasbourg, France

Third World Congress on Materials Science & Engineering, Organizing Committee Member, 2017, Barcelona, Spain

American Physical Society Focus Session on Thermoelectrics, Organizer, 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana

Seventh International Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science Congress, Scientific Committee Member, 2017, Oludeniz, Turkey

Materials and Characterization Techniques, International Advisory Board Member, 2016, Vellore, India

International Thermoelectrics Conference, Program Committee and International Advisory Board Member, 2015, Dresden, Germany

International Conference on Exotic Forms of Silicon, International Advisory Board Member, 2015, Golden, Colorado

Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth, International Advisory Board Member, 2015, Hong Kong, China

CIMTEC, International Advisory Board, 2014, Montecatini Terme, Italy

International Thermoelectrics Conference, International Advisory Board, 2013, Kobe, Japan

Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth, International Advisory Committee, 2013, Mexico

National Academy of Inventors, USF Chapter Board Member, elected, 2012 - present

MRS Symposium Organizer, November 2012, Boston, MA

CMCee Symposium Organizer, May 2012, Dresden, Germany

E-MRS Symposium International Scientific Committee, May 2012, Strasbourg, France

MRS Symposium Organizer, Nov/Dec 2010, Boston, MA

MRS Symposium Organizer, April 2009, San Francisco,CA

MS&T Symposium Organizer, October 2008, Pittsburgh, PA

2nd International Symposium on Thermoelectric Materials for Power Conversion Applications, 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (American Ceramics Society), January 2008, Daytona Beach, FL

MS&T Symposium Organizer, October 2006, Cincinnati, OH

International Thermoelectrics Society Board Member, elected, 2004-2007

MRS Symposium Organizer, December 2005, Boston, MA

ITC 2005, Conference Treasurer, June 2005, Clemson, SC

APS FIAP Focused Session Organizer, March 2004, Montreal, Canada

MRS Symposium Organizer, December 2003, Boston, MA

Electrochemical Society/ACerS (Joint) Symposium Organizer, October 2003, Orlando, FL

APS FIAP/DMR Focused Session Organizer, March 2003, Austin, TX

Thermoelectrics Workshop Advisory Board Member, August 2002, Travers City, MI

APS FIAP/DMR Focused Session Organizer, March 2002, Indianapolis, IN

MRS Symposium Organizer, November 2001, Boston, MA

APS FIAP Focused Session Organizer, March 2001, Seattle, WA

MRS Symposium Organizer, April 2000, San Francisco, CA

International Thermoelectric Society Board Member, elected, 1999-2002

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